Unpacking Inquiry: June 14th with Trevor MacKenzie at Oak Bay High

You are invited to Oak Bay High School for the next #YYJedchat meet-up! The theme of this meet-up is unpacking inquiry. 

Date: Tuesday, June 14
Time #1: 4:30-6:00pm
Face-to-face location #1: Oak Bay High School
Time #2:#PubPD: 6:15-8pm
Face-to-face location #2: Penny Farthing Pub

Online location: via Periscope (link will be sent to you on registration)

* If you are unable to attend in person, or would prefer to connect online, you can still complete the form linked above, and select the “Online” option in the multi-access section. You will then be sent a link to Periscope assuming you provide your email in the form as well. 

The event will be an edcamp-style session where those participating (f2f or online) will unpack inquiry and share insights, tools, follies, skills, expertise, and knowledge to best support our learners. There will be a series of prompts with group feedback and ideas being contributed to a shared google doc. All stakeholders in education are invited: teachers, administrators, pre-service teachers, learners, parents, and interested community members – please join us!

The session at Oak Bay will move on to the Penny Farthing Pub (2228 Oak Bay Avenue) for a #PubPD social. We will continue to wax on inquiry, network (f2f and online), and enjoy some bites and refreshments. Again, all are encouraged to join. We have the back room booked so there will be ample space.

Host Trevor MacKenzie has been a teacher in SD61 since 2003 and utilizes an inquiry framework in his classroom.  Find him on Twitter and his blog for further info.


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