Submit an Event

There are two types of events that can be submitted to the calendar:

  1. #YYJedchat events: These are events where we will manage the registration for you. We really encourage┬áthe education community to host conversations or edcamp-style meets. Doing so is not a formal event, but an opportunity to gather people around you to help talk about positive changes being made, tips or tricks, or strategize around challenges. There does not have to be any planning for an edcamp-style session. That said, you can also host a workshop-style event, a film screening, hands-on demo, lecture, etc. Please just indicate what type of format it is in your description. Please do not hesitate whatsoever to “repeat a topic” as each conversation is unique with different hosts, different attendees, and situated in different contexts. For example, an event in Sooke will draw different people than an event in Sidney, but two events in Saanich may still draw different people due to scheduling. Even if the same topic, why not more of a good thing? There is no limit to conversations about change or the amount of support we can provide to each other, so go for it! You will be supported. To host a #yyjedchat event,
    • complete the “Submit an event” form
    • you will be asked to write a blog post describing your event (or one can be written for you if preferred using your form submission information).
    • check out “What’s Involved in Hosting a #YYJedchat event” and check out what is in the left column for you to do. We handle anything in the right column and can even do the blog post for you, if preferred.
  2. Any education event: The difference here is that this event is not managed by our group of volunteers and registration is not done through this site. You can still submit these events and have them appear on the calendar so as to help spread the word of the event. The only step required is to
    • complete the “Submit an event” form
    • There typically won’t be a blog post for these events, but please don’t hesitate to ask if you would like to post one.