About Us

Photo of various educators

Ultimately who we are is not important, but people naturally want to know more about who is helping out with new volunteer initiatives. The initial conversation came out of a passion project by Flora Wood (bottom left in the image above) for #edci336 with Valerie Irvine (top teeny right). Flora’s topic was on building community in the UVic Education program. The conversations between Flora and Valerie expanded to various educators in the field via #edcampwest and they ultimately decided that a broader scope was important. The idea gained shape through dialogue from Emily Kirsch, Heidi James, Jane Rees, Sarah McLeod, Rebecca Benner, Melissa Rickson, Dave Shortreed, Trevor MacKenzie, and Christine Tischer. How it carries forward in the future will depend on further conversation from more voices. Many people have access to the social media accounts for updating and sharing. We welcome anyone who wishes to join our brainstorming team or to take on a role to help out.

You can see a twitter list of the growing number of community members here. Complete the “Get Connected” form where you can identify the way(s) you may want to get involved, from getting your Twitter handle added, volunteering in various capacities, and find other great ways to network. We aim for this to be a fairly rudderless initiative as per our “What is #YYJedchat?” post. If you are new to #YYJedchat, we encourage you to review that post to gain an understanding of the why and how we got here.